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New Publications will eventually include the ‘Azelda scripts’ These are a series of six texts or ‘Bells’ as they are known, which were passed on by a spirit naming herself as Azelda, through a medium and recorded by Oliver Fox and his colleague.  These can be seen as the Spiritual background to Neo Metaphysics.

They are unique, beautiful and inspiring.

The first step will be to complete a modern copy which will be lodged with the British Library and copy-righted.  This is to protect and ensure their continued existence.

The second step will be to share them on this website.

In the last year, there has been some confusion in John Williamson’s mind as to whether all of the Azelda scripts were still safe and whilst we are fairly confident that the ‘Six Bells’ comprise the whole of the book, if any other paper comes to light purporting to be one of the Azelda scripts or the Golden Book then you can be sure that this is either a fake or was stolen from John Williamson’s custody in his last years.   We would ask that any hint of such a text be reported to the Forum or the Administrator so that steps can be taken to recover it.