Simple, easy to learn and develop, exciting........Your latent sensitivity can be found and easily developed by practising radiesthesic works (radiesthesia - sensitivity to radiation). The use of a simple pendulum to find hidden coins, artefacts, tests for health conditions
and a myriad of other fascination experiments, can open a wide and wonderful field of study and interest. Follow these first simple experiments and then proceed to use the divining rod and angle-rods. Find underground water, try map reading read the chakras etc....

Highly recommended by Barbara Brennan in her wonderful book, 'Hands o/liglrt' are the friendly-wood, balanced, cavity pendulums. One is round and the other is pear-shaped. The round one is used for all general work and the pear-shaped one is used for accurate delineation and discovery in map reading and discovering the chakra, acupuncture points etc. This splendid pair of pendulums have cavities into which 'witnesses' can be placed. A 'witness' is a small sample of the thing you wish to find and 'tunes in' the radiesthetic process to that particular pattern