Alan J. Mayne

Alan j. Mayne

Member of the Society of Metaphysicians. 

         Provisional Member; MP421 1st.  July, 1958. 

         Council Member and Chairman of the Department of Research 1958

         Full Member: 1997.   


         Scholar of Winchester College (1941 - 1946) and New College, Oxford (1946 - 1951)

         BA Degree in Mathematics (1949). 

         BSc. Research Degree in Mathematical Statistics (1951),

         M.A.  (1953), Chartered Mathematician, Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications. 

         Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), and Member of other Learned and Professional societies,

         Member of the Executive Committee for the Club of Rome (BricoR), the National Coordinating Committee of Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR), the Committee of the Official Statistics Group of the RSS, and e Programme Committee of the RSS. 

Alan held the following university posts:

         Research Fellow, Electronic Computing Laboratory, University of Leeds, (1960-1961)

         Part time lecturer in Statistics, Department of Statistics, London School of Economics (1966 - 1968)

         Research Fellow, Transport Studies Group, University College, London ( 1969 -1979)

         Senior Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science, University College London (1979 -1981)

Alan’s authorship produced the following books:

         Into the 21st.  Century.  A Handbook for a Sustainable Future.  1991 (with Brian Burrows and Paul Newbury)

         Resources for the Future.  An International Annotated Bibliography for the 21st.  Century.  (1991)

         From Politics Past to Politics Future: An Integrated Analysis of Current and Emergent Paradigms (1999)